rEvolution in the primer area:
priming, faster and easier than ever before.
With JONAS Hydro PowerGrip Gel. Clip on!


Professional priming is the base for every successful coating. In practice, you want to apply this step by roller. Everyone knows the result: Just half of the watery primer stays on the wall and the rest drops on the floor.

„This displeasing side effect is now left in the past: JONAS Farbenwerke expanded their portfolio regarding primers with a highly innovative product:  Hydro PowerGrip Gel is equipped with a brand new gel-structure. As a gel, the primer is perfectly applicable by roller – even overhead – and airless spraying is possible without building mist. The fabricator reaches an excellent underground solidification and adhesion, while saving a lot of time. The new JONAS Hydro PowerGrip Gel is especially suitable for chalking, light sanding and absorbing undergrounds.“

All Advantages:

• Special primer with solidifying effects
• Ideal for application by roller and "airless spray equipment"
• 100 % pure acrylate
• With integrated nanoscale siloxane bonds
• Good adhesion for subsequent coatings
• No barrier build-up when applying too much material
• Extremely good adhesion on many substrates, even on smooth surfaces
• Unsaponifiable
• For exterior and interior use
• Low-odor and solvent-free
• Plasticizer-free


Quality for professionals
... for the best painter of the world!